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Apple Watch Stuck On Apple Logo? Try These 7 EASY Fixes


My refurbished Apple Watch series 6 has stuck on the loading screen at least twice in the last 60 days. And seeing the problem on a smartwatch this popular is frustrating and equally disappointing. But why does the watch stick on the Apple logo in the first place?

Your Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo because of an outdated watchOS, a system glitch, a damaged internal component, or a corrupt software file. A mismatched calendar and time zone, insufficient charge, and failed communication can cause the icon and a black screen.

As someone who has fixed an Apple Watch stuck on boot loop, I’m confident this guide will help you troubleshoot yours and get it back on track. 

Why is the Apple Watch Stuck on the Apple Logo? 

If you’re in a hurry, the following table should give you an overview as to why your Apple Watch won’t go past the logo screen, as well as what you can do to fix the problem.

 Probable CausePossible Solution
1.The watchOS version is not up to date.You should update your Apple Watch watchOS to the latest version.
2.Your watch jammed up due to software glitch.Restart the Apple Watch to close apps running in the background to free up RAM memory.  
3.Internal components of your Apple Watch exposed to water.You should get the watch to the Apple Watch customer care for repair.
4.There’s likely a corrupt software file on the Apple Watch. Reset the Apple Watch to default settings to delete the corrupted file.
5.You have the wrong calendar and time zone settings on the Apple Watch.You should update the calendar and time zone settings of your Apple Watch to make the logo go away.
6.There’s not enough charge on the Apple Watch.Charge your Apple Watch for at least 60 minutes and try again.

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How to Fix the Apple Watch Stuck on the Apple Logo

Here are six things to do if your Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo:

1. Hard Reset Your Apple Watch

The first thing I want you to do if your Apple Watch won’t load past the Apple logo is a hard reset.

A hard reset is a fancy phrase for “force restart”, which can be quite helpful in fixing watchOS glitches that occasionally make the watch malfunction.

To do the hard reset:

  • Press and hold down the Side Button and the Digital Crown at the same time.

You have to keep holding them for 5 to 10 seconds, which is often than timeframe within which an Apple Watch reboots.

2. Update the watchOS to the Latest Version

An Apple Watch stuck on boot loop with the brand’s logo on the screen is likely an indication of an obsolete wearOS.

I’ve mentioned before that Apple Watch developers update the firmware from time to time to fix bugs, improve security, and enhance user experience.

You may notice a lag in performance in several occasion, which is an indication that a new firmware update may be available.

So check if there are watchOS updates and upgrade to the latest version. To do this:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap My Watch tab.
  • Go to the General Option
  • Tap Software Update to check for updates. You should see a tiny notification button on this screen if there’s a new update to install.
  • Download the version to make your Apple Watch watchOS current.

And that’s it.

If the reason the Apple logo wasn’t going away was firmware update, upgrading to the latest version should fix the issue.

3. Restart Your Apple Watch to Fix System Glitch

Is your Apple Watch still stuck on the Apple logo even after updating the watchOS to the latest version via your iPhone?

You’re likely dealing with a system glitch, and the best way to deal with this is to do a restart. 

Restarting your Apple Watch closes all apps, including those running in the background. Furthermore, it fixes software glitches and refreshes the watch’s memory.

To restart the smartwatch:

  • Press and hold down the side button until you see a menu on the screen.
  • Drag the “Power Off” slider to the left to turn off the watch.
  • Leave the watch for about 30 seconds for a soft reset.
  • Again, press and hold down the side button until the watch restarts.

4. Take Your Apple Watch Back for Repair


If for a long time you’ve considered your Apple Watch waterproof, you’ve been looking at your model all wrong.

Understand that every model is only water resistant up to 5 ATM, and the watch’s ability to prevent water from sipping through the back case only grows weaker with time.

And here’s the problem:

If the water resistance power of the watch weakens due to constant use in water, water will enter the inner parts and destroy the components that make up the structure of the watch.

So if you suspect that your Apple Watch stuck on loading because of water damages, you should send it to Apple’s customer care for servicing. 

5. Use “Find My” App to Fix Boot Loop on Apple Watch

The Find My app is primarily a device locator, so it’s somewhat insane to recommend it as a solution for getting your Apple Watch past the logo.

However, it makes sense to use the technology to see if can fix the problem.

To be abundantly clear, I don’t have any experience with the app yet. But I’ve read great reviews written by users who’ve used the app to fix this kind of an issue.

So I would recommend you try it.

  • Download the My Find app to the iPhone to which you have your Apple Watch paired.
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap Devices tab.
  • Next, tap your Apple Watch and then select “Play Sound”.

The Play Sound command sent to the Apple Watch remotely from the paired iPhone can unfreeze the screen and make the watch operate the way it should.

6. Delete the Corrupt Software Files on Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch may have several software files trying to update in the background, thus making it difficult to go past the boot loop.

Deleting the corrupt files can go a long way to help fix the issue.

To do this:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Select “My Watch” option.
  • Tap “General” option.
  • Select Software Update and delete the update file.

7. Factory Reset Your Apple Watch

Factory resetting your Apple Watch is the last resort if everything else fails.

And while it’s frustrating to have to get started with pairing and synchronizing all over again, the reset could be the only option to fix the Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo even after hard reset.

Resetting means that you’re going to lose your health and fitness data, as well as the watch settings. First, backup your data, which you can restore after the complete reset process

To factory reset the Apple Watch: 

  • Launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.
  • Select the General option.
  • Scroll and tap on the Reset option.
  • Tap the Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings option.

And that’s it.

Next, you will need to set up your Apple Watch once again, and as you do so, remember to restore the health and fitness data that you backed up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Unfreeze Your Apple Watch?

There are several ways you can unfreeze your Apple Watch.

Some of the fixes that work include restarting the watch, erasing software update files, updating the watchOS to the latest version, and doing a factory reset.

2. Why is My Apple Watch Stuck on the Charging Screen?

Your Apple Watch is stuck on the charging screen because the magnetic charger and the back of the watch are dirty.

Clean these two parts and try charging again.

If your Apple Watch is still not charging, consider performing a force restart, which should take at most 2 minutes to complete.

3. What Do I Do If My Apple Watch Won’t Force Start?

The best you can do if your Apple Watch doesn’t force start is to get your charger, plug it into power, and connect the charging end to the Watch.

Like using the “Find My” app, plugging your Apple Watch to power might fix the boot loop issue fast and cause it to start operating normally again.

Final Thoughts

I understand how frustrating it can be to see your Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo for an extended period.

But you can fix the issue and get your Apple Watch back on track again. With this guide, fixing an issue like this will never be difficult again.

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