how to make apple watch look classy

How to Make Apple Watch Look Classy and Expensive

The entire Apple Watch generation has one thing in common: an aesthetic that blends with just about any outfit. But how can you make Apple Watch look classy without breaking the bank? You can make your Apple Watch look classy by swapping the straps with leather bands, blind bands, or stainless steel bands. Switching to … Read more

spotify not working on apple watch

Spotify Not Working on Apple Watch? Try These 7 Fixes

I’ve had Spotify app on my Apple Watch Series 6 for a while now. And I’ve had instances when this music streaming service crashed or didn’t work at all. Often, Spotify fail to work on Apple Watch because Bluetooth is off, the app froze, there’s no Wi-Fi connection, or the app requires an update. Besides … Read more

apple watch cellular not working

Apple Watch Cellular Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

If your Apple Watch cellular is not working, you won’t make or receive calls, complete contactless payments, reply to text messages, or stream music on platforms such as Spotify, Overcast, and Deezer. But what causes the problem and how can you fix it?   Generally, Apple Watch cellular fails to work because the watchOS is … Read more

can you watch netflix on apple watch

Can You Watch Netflix on Apple Watch? Let’s Find Out

From answering calls and recording voice memo to streaming music and making contactless payments, an Apple Watch can do nearly everything an iPhone does. But can you watch Netflix on Apple Watch? You can’t directly download the Netflix app to your Apple Watch and stream your favorite movies and TV series. But you can access … Read more

apple watch not tracking steps

Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps? Try These 10 Fixes

From checking your blood oxygen levels while you sleep to monitoring your heart rate as you exercise, an Apple Watch can do a lot to help you improve the quality of your help. But if the smartwatch isn’t tracking steps, it’s important to troubleshoot and fix the error. Generally, your Apple Watch is not counting … Read more

are apple watches carrier locked

Are Apple Watches Carrier Locked? (What You Should Know) 

I’ve been a fan of Apple Watch since the launch of Series 5. Built for style, performance, and precision, these watches come packed with unique features that make them worth the price point. But are Apple Watches carrier locked? Apple doesn’t lock its watches to a specific carrier. In fact, models that feature Wifi and … Read more

Is Apple Watch Scratch Resistant

Is Apple Watch Scratch Resistant? Let’s Find Out

An Apple Watch’s screen real estate is bigger than some smartwatches. Furthermore, the display is so clear that you can view clear details even under direct sunlight. But is Apple Watch scratch resistant? Generally, an Apple Watch display is scratch-resistant. Some models, and especially those made of Sapphire crystal glass, can stand up to accidental … Read more

Does Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector

Does Apple Watch Need a Screen Protector? [Answered]

Your Apple Watch may not have cost the earth, but it’s an expensive investment nonetheless. From a user’s point of view, you’ll do everything you can to keep the smartwatch in good condition – all the time. But does Apple Watch need a screen protector? An Apple Watch doesn’t need a screen protector. Its screen … Read more

apple watch microphone not working

Apple Watch Microphone Not Working? Try These 7 Fixes

So you can’t make phone calls on your Apple Watch, use dictation to type messages fast, or communicate with friends on walkie-talkie? Or maybe you can’t record a voice memo or Siri can’t hear you speak? It’s highly likely your Apple Watch microphone isn’t working. Here’s the deal:   Your Apple Watch microphone won’t work … Read more