does fitbit work with myfitnesspal

Does Fitbit Work With MyFitnessPal? (Connect And Sync Guide)

Started in 2005, MyFitnessPal has been in the business of helping people to monitor their diets, eat right, and live healthy. In fact, it has grown into a huge network, with over 14 million food choices for you to choose. But does Fitbit work with MyFitnessPal? Fitbit works with MyFitnessPal, with a direct link that … Read more

best fitbit for kids

Best Fitbit for Kids And Teenagers: The Complete Guide (2023)

For years, Fitbit has been on the lead in designing some of the best smartwatches and fitness trackers in the world. And having expanded their reach to accommodate kids as young as 13 years of age, even children can now benefit from the brand’s innovation. The best Fitbit for kids is the one that motivates … Read more

Can You Use a Fitbit Without a Smartphone

Can You Use a Fitbit Without a Smartphone or Computer?

If you’ve been a Fitbit member for a while, you already know that the best way to see your fitness and activity stats is via the mobile app. But can you use a Fitbit without a smartphone?  You can use your Fitbit without a smartphone or computer and still get access to useful features, but … Read more

Can You Replace a Fitbit Battery

Can You Replace a Fitbit Battery? (What You Should Know)

Fitbit has established itself as the smart piece of tech that helps you take charge of your health, fitness, and social life. But the device can become toast if the battery dies out completely. Now the question is, can you replace a Fitbit battery or will you have to buy a new tracker or smartwatch? … Read more

can you wear fitbit on your ankle

Can You Wear Fitbit on Your Ankle? (What You Should Know)

Fitbit smartwatches are getting sleeker, lighter, and smarter. And they can track so many health and activity metrics as long as you have them worn right. So can you wear Fitbit on your ankle or should you only fit it to a snug on the non-dominant hand? You can wear Fitbit on your ankle, but … Read more

does google fit work with fitbit

Does Google Fit Work With Fitbit? (What You Should Know)

I’ve come to know Fitbit as a brand that works with many unique and helpful apps to help you get the most out of your health and fitness activities. And there’s a high chance you’ve connected your account to some of these services. But does Google Fit work with Fitbit? Fitbit is compatible with Google … Read more

letscom fitness tracker vs fitbit

Letscom Fitness Tracker vs Fitbit: Here’s How They Compare

Letscom fitness tracker and Fitbit don’t need an introduction. But while Letscom isn’t such a strong household name as Fitbit in the health and activity-tracking niche, the two brands have similarities and differences worth studying. In this Letscom vs Fitbit guide, I do a complete, front to back comparison between the two brands to help … Read more

MyFitnessPal Not Syncing With Fitbit

Why Is MyFitnessPal Not Syncing With Fitbit? (5 Problems Fixed)

The combination of Fitbit and MyFitnessPal gives you the opportunity to step up your fitness activities and get the most out of your subscription. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating if you have MyFitnessPal not syncing with Fitbit. But why does it happen and what can you do to fix it? MyFitnessPal isn’t syncing with Fitbit … Read more

does fitbit work with iphone

Does Fitbit Work With iPhone? (What You Should Know)

Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers rank at the top in the wearable niche. In addition to being cheaper than Apple watches, Fitbits can track multiple metrics and help you evaluate the quality of your well-being. But does Fitbit work with iPhone? Fitbit can work with iPhones that run on iOS version 14 or higher. That … Read more