does fitbit work with samsung health

Does Fitbit Work With Samsung Health? (Quick Answer)

Being able to connect your Fitbit with other apps is a great way to view your data in a completely different ecosystem. Samsung Health is one of the top apps that of us would consider. But does Fitbit work with Samsung Health in the first place? Fitbit can work with Samsung Health. But there’s no … Read more

why is my fitbit not counting steps

Why is My Fitbit Not Counting Steps? (6 Problems and Fixes)

Every Fitbit model uses a 3-axis accelerometer, a set of rules, and a formula to count steps. But sometimes the device can miscalculate your steps or fail to do so altogether. So why is your Fitbit not counting steps in the first place? Your Fitbit isn’t counting steps because you haven’t worn it correctly, the … Read more

can fitbit track cycling

Can Fitbit Track Cycling? (Answered With the Best Examples)

If you ask anyone what he or she would recommend as a commendable activity tracker, there’s a high chance Fitbit would appear on top of the list. But can Fitbit track cycling and return accurate results? Fitbit can track cycling using the SmartTrack and GPS integration. The SmartTrack features automatically detects and logs the type … Read more

can fitbit track blood pressure

Can Fitbit Track Blood Pressure? Here’s What You Should Know

Contrary to what you may have read online, taking blood pressure readings isn’t one of the things a Fitbit can do. It does includes a pulse oximeter that gathers your health’s data and notifies you if something seems wrong. But it doesn’t have an inflatable cuff to track the force of blood against the walls … Read more