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Apelo Studio focuses on everything smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart rings, and so much more. From research and testing to reviewing and troubleshooting, we help you push the envelope of what’s possible in the wearable space.

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What Can I Find On Apelo Studio?

Apelo Studio focuses 100% on wearables and their apps.

fitness trackers

Our fitness trackers guides are specifically for those who want to take their fitness tracking to the next level.

Whether you want to count steps, track elevation, or run a sprint timed with a stopwatch, or collection has the right guides for you. Plus, we give you tips to get you the most out of your model.

apelo studio fitness trackers
wearable device and apps tips

Wearable Tips

So you’re not sure how to use your smartwatch beyond reading time and counting steps? Or maybe you’re already looking for ideas to push your watch beyond its limits while optimizing its performance?

Our guides help you uncover some tips you may not have tried yet, so you can get the most out of wearable device that you have.


Our smartwatch collection are some of the most simplified guides you will find on the web.

We focus on brand analysis, specifically examining Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, and Garmin watches, to give you all the information you need to get the most out of your current model.

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apelo studio smartwatch troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Guides

From software glitches to syncing issues to inaccurate stats, there are many smartwatch problems that can frustrate you for sure.

With the help of our troubleshooting guides, you can fix any smartwatch problem. Most of the fixes take five minutes give or take, even for people who aren’t as tech savvy.

Wearable apps

Fitness trackers and smartwatches need companion apps, as they’re the bedrock to which we sync health and fitness stats for further analysis.

From Garmin Connect and Google Fit to Samsung Health and Fitbit, there are many helpful apps to use with your smartwatch or fitness tracker.

apelo studio brand apps views
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Product Reviews

The smartwatch market is filled with many brands. So many, in fact, that choosing the right model can be quite a challenge.

We do the research, testing, and review to help you make the right purchase decision. Buy the best wearable right the first time and then learn how to get the most out of it everyday.

The core focus of this platform is on the everyday problems that every wearable device owner face. Whether you have no idea how to push your smartwatch to the limit or you have a problem you need solved, there’s a chance we have a solution for you already.

Apelo Studio will strive to be a platform for the real humans who want to learn a thing or two – or perhaps eve everything – about wearable devices from popular and less known brands. 

I’m Michael, A Lifelong Wearable Enthusiast

I’ve been a wearable enthusiast for well over a decade, with my love for watches going as far back as to the days when I owned a Casio Chronograph Alarm Digital Watch. And I’ve immersed myself in the niche since then.

For the last five years, I’ve learned about, tested, and reviewed different smartwatch brands. And my favorite ones are Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Whoop, and Oura. These brands give us the tools to measure and optimize our wellbeing in a way that was once impossible.

I built Apelo Studio on the basis of my passion for exploring, learning, and benefiting from wearable technology. My focus is to grow this site into a platform that helps you get the most out the wearable technology that has already taken us by storm.

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Apelo Studio by Numbers

More than 12,000 unique readers come to Apelo Studio every month to search for solutions to problems, recommendations for new products, and tips and tricks. 

We put in the time and the resources into research and writing, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time scrambling to find helpful wearable information online.

Apelo Studio’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

I started Apelo Studio with a goal in mind. This platform serve the purpose of informing and educating you on everything about wearable. The mission, vision, and core value of the site express the focus of the commitment I have to provide you with the latest information and development in the wearable market.


Apelo Studio exists to help wearable enthusiasts, occasional smartwatch users to find the information they need about smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart rings, as well as related accessories all in one place. 


My vision is to grow Apelo Studio into a reliable resource and a go-to platform to find information on smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart rings, companion apps, and related accessories.

I hope to grow Apelo Studio into a bigger community of techies with the passing of time. And my commitment to making the platform as resourceful as possible will continue.

Core Values

Our core values enable us to maintain a higher level of integrity and the ability to use the right judgment to make reasonably informed decisions that add value to our readers. 

Working With Purpose

Our intention is to give you the information you came here for. We focus on wearable technology and we do so with positive intention.

Sharing What We Know

Everything we write and publish on Apelo Studio come from rigorous testing and personal experience. We share this information without holding back.

Sound Judgement

We ensure no piece of content we write and publish on this platform goes against our vision and mission. We spend weeks doing research, so you can get the best value out of our effort.

Putting Readers First

Whatever you came to Apelo Studio for, we ensure you get it. Whether you need recommendations for a new wearable, a troubleshooting guide, or tips, you get it here.