best fitbit apps

12 Best Fitbit Apps That You Can Download for FREE

I’ve tested nearly 120 Fitbit apps on Versa 3 and Sense 2 in the last five months. I found some apps to be straight out unresponsive and downright boring. And some stood out to me as the best apps ever made for the Fitbit ecosystem. Here’s the deal: The Fitbit Gallery has 1,125 apps across … Read more

how to change a fitbit band

How to Change a Band on Fitbit: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this guide, I show you exactly how to change a Fitbit band, step-by-step. Whether your current bands are broken or you just want to customize the Fitbit for a classy and more personalized look, you’ll find this tutorial helpful. Let’s get started, shall we? Key Takeaways Here’s a summary on how to change the … Read more

best fitbit for women

4 Best Fitbit for Women: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2023

Fitbit has curved a niche for itself as one of the best wearable brands in existence. And its effort to design smart models for women on the move speaks for itself. Today, the best Fitbit for women can track menstrual health, monitor active and resting heart rate, help with stress management, determine sleep quality, and … Read more

fitbit time is wrong

Why is My Fitbit Showing the Wrong Time? Let’s Find Out

I’ve had six instances when my Fitbit Versa 2 didn’t display the correct time and date. And I’ve been disappointed twice in such occasion when I didn’t bring my phone with me to a workout. So why is your Fitbit showing the wrong time in the first place?   Generally, your Fitbit time is wrong … Read more

fitbit keeps vibrating

Why Does My Fitbit Keep Vibrating? (What You Should Know)

I’ve worn my Fitbit Versa for nearly eight months now. An in my experience, one of the most annoying things is the short, single-pulse vibration that doesn’t stop. But why does Fitbit keep vibrating in the first place? If your Fitbit keeps vibrating constantly, it means the charger keeps connecting and disconnecting intermittently. Furthermore, it’s … Read more