how to clean whoop strap

How to Clean Whoop Strap: An Oversimplified Guide (2023)

Let’s talk about how to clean Whoop Strap so it stays in condition for the longest time possible. Here’s the deal: You’re more than likely going to put Whoop fitness tracker to extensive use, sometimes for longer than usual. Over time, the tracker will collect dirt, grime, and sweat, which can collect even on the … Read more

whoop vs garmin complete comparison

Whoop vs Garmin: How Do These Wearables Compare?

I’ve studied Whoop vs Garmin for nearly twelve weeks. And I have to admit that they perform exceptionally well albeit having some obviously noticeable limitations. These two brands can tell how much stress you put on your body, give you insights on how much rest you need, monitor your recovery, and help you to improve … Read more

best whoop alternatives explained

Best Whoop Alternatives: Check Out These 2023 Competitors

If you’re looking for the best Whoop alternatives that don’t charge a recurring monthly subscription, I highly recommend that you get the Fitbit Sense 2 smartwatch. In testing, the Fitbit Sense 2 returned reliable heart reading, made stress management easier, and helped a great deal in improving the quality of sleep. I find the Daily … Read more

whoop vs oura ring

Whoop vs Oura Ring: How Do These Fitness Trackers Compare?

Whoop and Oura have curved a unique niche for themselves in the wearable space, and they’re gaining credibility and popularity for it. These two brands don’t focus on counting steps or estimating calories burned. Instead, they emphasize heart rate variability, body movement, and patterns to help you improve the quality of your physical fitness through … Read more

whoop without membership

Can You Use Whoop Without Membership? Let Me Explain

Whoop’s focus on human performance hasn’t withered away since its debut in 2011. Designed to work with the companion app, the strap can monitor your sleep, strain, and recovery, and its metrics are quite precise. But can you use Whoop without membership?   You cannot use Whoop without membership because it’s a wearable brand based on … Read more

whoop vs apple watch

Whoop vs Apple Watch: How Exactly Do They Compare?

I’ve been analyzing Whoop and Apple Watch for nearly 90 days. And the bottom line is they differ significantly in terms of design, features, function, and overall performance. Whoop is a fitness tracker focused on optimizing your recovery based on your heart rate, sleep, and activity data. Apple Watch is a health and fitness smartwatch … Read more

whoop vs amazon halo

Whoop vs Amazon Halo: How Exactly Do They Compare?

At a first glance, Whoop and Amazon Hal straps may not be as appealing because they don’t have a display. Put them to the test and you’ll realize just how powerful fitness trackers without screens can be. But how do they compare? Whoop and Amazon Halo bands can monitor your heart rate, body temperature, and … Read more

whoop vs fitbit

Whoop vs Fitbit: The Complete Comparison (In 2023)

I’m a lover of fitness trackers and smartwatches that move the needle. And I reckon that you’ll agree with me when I say that Whoop and Fitbit are two brands that promise results and exceed our expectations. In this Whoop vs Fitbit guide, I do a front to back comparison between these two wearables based … Read more