garmin not connecting and syncing to strava

Garmin Not Syncing to Strava? Try These 5 EASY Fixes

A syncing issue between Garmin and Strava can make you go nuts. Because after running, cycling, or hiking, I imagine you want nothing more than to see your progress and use your workout insights to train smarter. But that’s not possible if the two services can’t connect and share data. So why exactly is Garmin … Read more

garmin watch problems

Garmin Watch Problems: Troubleshooting 8 Common Issues

Garmin smartwatches are all about optimized performance and long battery life. In theory, they’re supposed to be the more than perfect timepiece that monitor and deliver the best metrics as intended. In reality, they’re not immune to watch problems. The most common Garmin watch problems include failure to connect to GPS, turning off after a … Read more

garmin notifications not working

Garmin Notifications Not Working? Try These 6 EASY Fixes

You need to do two things if your Garmin notifications are not working. First, find out why it’s not getting text and call alerts. And second, fix the problem to get the smartwatch back on track. Technically, you’re not getting text and call notifications on your Garmin because the DND mode is active, the OS … Read more

Garmin Not Tracking Heart Rate

Garmin Not Tracking Heart Rate? Try These 5 Simple Fixes

I’ve read countless complaints about Garmin not tracking heart rate. And I understand how frustrating it can be because HR stats are just as important as other health and fitness metrics monitored by the watch. But why won’t Garmin monitor your heart rate? Technically, your Garmin watch is NOT tracking your heart rate because of … Read more

garmin body battery explained

Garmin Body Battery: What It Is and How It Works

The latest Garmin watches include new technologies intended to give you a holistic view of your health and fitness. And the Body Battery is one of the features the watches use to determine the impact of different activities on your energy levels. In this guide, I share everything I know about Garmin Body Battery. That … Read more

are garmin watches waterproof

Are Garmin Watches Waterproof? Here’s What You Should Know

Garmin watches use arm movements and preconfigured data to track laps, strokes, and distance covered in a swimming pool. It then synchronizes the data to the companion app to give you detailed view of your swim metrics. But are Garmin watches waterproof? Garmin watches are NOT waterproof. They’re water-resistant, with a rating between 5 and … Read more

garmin watch not charging

Why is My Garmin Watch Not Charging? (7 Problems and Fixes)

If you’ve had to deal with a Garmin that won’t charge, then you know how frustrating it can be to stare at a black display with the hopes that the device isn’t completely dead. But why is your Garmin watch not charging in the first place? Your Garmin isn’t charging because of a system glitch, … Read more

garmin watch not syncing

Garmin Watch Not Syncing? Try These 7 SIMPLE Fixes

I’m sure you want nothing more than a Garmin watch that tracks your activities, connects to the app, and syncs your data seamlessly. So if you notice that your watch is stuck on connecting and then it fails to link to Garmin Connect, you have a syncing issue to fix. But why is your Garmin … Read more

how does garmin measure stress

How Does Garmin Measure Stress? Let’s Find Out

I’d never thought of such a thing as using a smartwatch to measure my response to the challenges of life until I learned about stress management on Garmin. And to be honest, it’s an incredible tool built to work based on a validated automatic nervous system. But how does Garmin measure stress?  Garmin measures stress … Read more