best health apps for apple watch

9 Best Health Apps for Apple Watch to Keep Yourself Healthy

Apple’s watchOS 10 is an authoritative health tracker by itself. It powers every Apple Watch to detect falls, monitor heart rate, check for abnormal temperature, count steps, measure blood oxygen, send medical alerts, and so much more. Add to this some of the best third-party health apps, and you can make your Apple Watch the … Read more

how to use Spotify on Apple Watch

How to Use Spotify on Apple Watch Even Without iPhone

I’ve been a Spotify member since 2019. And being able to use the app on my Apple Watch Series 8 has been such a game changer for me. Now I can listen to my favorite music and interesting podcast titles without necessarily reaching out for my iPhone.   With more than 5 million podcasts, 100 million … Read more

best music apps for apple watch

5 Best Music Apps for Apple Watch in My Experience

You know how it goes, don’t you? Apple gives you access to many watchOS compatible music apps than you can even count. And it’s up to you to choose what you feel is best for your Apple Watch. But browsing and testing hundreds of music apps to single out what’s good for you is, in … Read more

best apple watch apps

12 Best Apple Watch Apps to Install on Your Wearable

By itself, the Apple Watch is a revolutionary smartwatch that works incredibly well straight out of the box. Add the best watchOS compatible apps to it, and you can undoubtedly take your user experience to the next level. There has been an insane increase in the number of Apple Watch apps since the release of … Read more

are smartwatches worth it

Are Smartwatches Worth It? What Are The Pros and Cons?

My firsthand experience with Fitbit Versa 2, Apple Watch Series 6, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is an assortment of good user experience and disappointments. So if you ask me whether smartwatches are worth it, I’d say that wearable technology is almost getting closer to excellence. In my experience, smartwatches are worth it because they … Read more

garmin not connecting and syncing to strava

Garmin Not Syncing to Strava? Try These 5 EASY Fixes

A syncing issue between Garmin and Strava can make you go nuts. Because after running, cycling, or hiking, I imagine you want nothing more than to see your progress and use your workout insights to train smarter. But that’s not possible if the two services can’t connect and share data. So why exactly is Garmin … Read more

does waze work on apple watch

Does Waze Work With Apple Watch? What Are The Alternatives?

I love Waze for many reasons, three of which are performance optimization, ease of use, and the ability to listen to music and podcasts. With Waze, you can find directions to any place, including destinations you’ve never been to before. But, does Waze work with Apple Watch? Sadly, Waze does NOT work with Apple Watch, … Read more

best fitbit apps

12 Best Fitbit Apps That You Can Download for FREE

I’ve tested nearly 120 Fitbit apps on Versa 3 and Sense 2 in the last five months. I found some apps to be straight out unresponsive and downright boring. And some stood out to me as the best apps ever made for the Fitbit ecosystem. Here’s the deal: The Fitbit Gallery has 1,125 apps across … Read more