get text messages on Samsung Galaxy Watch

How to Get Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Watch

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get text messages on your Samsung Galaxy Watch without ever having to look at your phone. To be clear, the steps I’ve shared in this guide apply to the brands latest models, including Galaxy Watch 3, Watch 4, and Watch 5. I’ll also tell you why your Galaxy … Read more

samsung galaxy watch keeps vibrating

Samsung Galaxy Watch Keeps Vibrating? Learn How to Fix It

A Galaxy smartwatch should vibrate two to three times depending on the model. So if your Samsung Galaxy Watch keeps vibrating randomly, you may be having an underlying issue that needs your attention. Your Galaxy Watch may vibrate continuously to indicate a charging problem, multiple incoming text messages, or an incoming phone call. You may … Read more

samsung watch not getting notifications

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Getting Notifications? Let’s Fix It

I’ve had moments when my Samsung Galaxy Active 3 couldn’t get text messages and call alerts. So I completely understand how frustrating it is if your watch is not getting notifications. But what causes the problem in the first place? And, what can you do to fix it? Technically, your Galaxy Watch is not getting … Read more

save battery on samsung galaxy watch

11 Ways to Save Battery on Samsung Galaxy Watch

It’s exciting to wear a Samsung smartwatch and see it track your metrics in real-time. But if you want to use it for longer before you put it back on its charging dock, you need to learn how to save battery on any Samsung Galaxy Watch. Let me say this: If you’re pushing your Samsung … Read more

samsung watch not counting steps

Samsung Watch Not Counting Steps? Try These 9 SIMPLE Fixes

I know how frustrating it is to walk for miles with your Samsung Watch wrapped on your wrist only to get inaccurate step count thereafter – or no steps at all. But why is your Samsung Watch not counting steps in the first place? Your Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t count steps because you haven’t set … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging? Try These 7 Fixes!

Samsung Galaxy Watches bring smart tech to your wrist, allowing you to monitor your heart rate, track sleep, make contactless payments, and so much more. Sadly, none of that matters if the watch battery doesn’t have power. But why is your Samsung Galaxy Watch not charging?   Your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not charging because … Read more