can you use google fit without a watch

Can You Use Google Fit Without a Watch? Let’s Find Out

From counting move minutes and tracking heart rate to monitoring sleep and estimating calories burned, the Google Fit has what it takes to help you coach and discipline yourself to a more active life. But can you use Google Fit without a watch?   You can use Google Fit without a smartwatch provided you give … Read more

google fit not tracking steps

Why Is Google Fit Not Tracking Steps? (6 Problems and Fixes)

Powered by sensors that work even with your smartphone’s screen off, Google Fit can collect and report physical activity data such as distance and steps in real-time. But why would Google Fit not tracking steps if it already has the technology to do so? Google Fit is not tracking steps because there’s an issue with … Read more

google fit vs fitbit

Google Fit vs Fitbit: How They Compare Based on My Testing

I’ve been using Google Fit and Fitbit for 14 and 28 days respectively. And I have to admit they’re quite impressive in terms of design, user-friendliness, and overall performance. Available for free download on Google Play and App Store, these mobile apps let you take full charge of your health and fitness without wearing a … Read more

does google fit work with fitbit

Does Google Fit Work With Fitbit? (What You Should Know)

I’ve come to know Fitbit as a brand that works with many unique and helpful apps to help you get the most out of your health and fitness activities. And there’s a high chance you’ve connected your account to some of these services. But does Google Fit work with Fitbit? Fitbit is compatible with Google … Read more