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Can You Use Whoop Without Membership? Let Me Explain


Whoop’s focus on human performance hasn’t withered away since its debut in 2011. Designed to work with the companion app, the strap can monitor your sleep, strain, and recovery, and its metrics are quite precise. But can you use Whoop without membership?  

You cannot use Whoop without membership because it’s a wearable brand based on a subscription model. You have to renew your subscription at the end of your chosen payment cycle. Otherwise, you’ll lose access to the app, your personal data, and all the features.

Of course, there are Whoop alternatives that you can buy if you don’t want to commit to a recurring subscription plan.

But Whoop is apparently one of the few fitness trackers that focus on body movement, heart rate variability, and sleep to help you improve the quality of your health, fitness, and recovery.

Where Does Whoop Without Membership Fit In?

Apparently, the concept of Whoop without membership is somewhat obscure to some of us. So much confusing that we can’t decide whether Whoop is a good health and fitness tracker in the first place.

Let me put it this way:

You will get the Whoop 4.0, a revolutionary fitness tracker, for $0. However, you must first subscribe to one of the membership plans to get the device. Thereafter, you’ll pay a recurring subscription fee to continue using the Whoop 4.0 wearable.

If your membership expires and you fail to renew your membership within 3 days, your account will enter the inactive status mode. In the inactive state, you won’t update your account and your data will be inaccessible.

Whoop Membership Subscription: What Are Your Options?

Whoop has three unique payment options. You can subscribe to a monthly, yearly, or a two-year plan.

 MonthlyYearly2 Years
CommitmentPay every 30 days, for 12 months.Pay upfront, renew annually.Pay upfront, renew every two years.
Whoop 4.0 StrapFreeFreeFree

If you choose the monthly subscription, you’ll be subject to pay $36.16 every month, with a 12-month commitment to the plan.

While the commitment period for the monthly membership is 12 months, Whoop allows you to try the service for 30 days to determine whether the technology is suitable for you.

Should you decide that Whoop is not suitable for you, you must return the Whoop 4.0 Strap and cancel your subscription within the 30-day period for a refund.

Should You Pay for Whoop 4.0 Membership?

Whoop launched its wearable with a noble goal: to help you reset well, understand your strain levels, and recover faster.

In my view, Whoop is a strap key to healthy living, an option to consider if you want to cut weight, improve your bedtime habit, track stress, estimate calories burned, and so much more.

But is Whoop good enough for the recurring membership plan?

Personally, I think you should pay for the premium subscription for the first month to determine whether it would be worth the investment.

And here’s why:

1. Whoop Provides In-depth Sleep Reports

Whoop 4.0 Strap guarantees the most advanced sleep tracking to help you determine just how much rest you get every night.

For example, Whoop outshines Fitbit on sleep metrics by monitoring the activity in four stages instead of three.

In addition to Light, Deep, and REM sleep, Whoop adds the Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), a stage right after the light sleep.

2. Whoop Gives Better Strain Insights

On your Whoop dashboard, you will find insights reporting on your heart rate in your Whoop dashboard.

Whoop uses heart rate data to help you understand how strenuous your training sessions are. And with this information, you can easily decide how intense you want your workout to be without subjecting yourself to torturous workout plan.

Furthermore, strain insights can help you revisit your sleeping habits, allowing you to make them better in the coming days for efficient recovery.

3. You Get the Whoop 4.0 Strap for $0

Once you subscribe to a Whoop membership plan, you will get the ne Whoop Strap 4.0 without paying a dime for it.

The band ships within 5 to 7 weeks depending on your demography. And the setup process is so straightforward that it takes about 15 minutes to get started.

4. You Get Access to Whoop Pro Membership

The Whoop 4.0 Strap give you access to the Pro membership option, but it costs an additional $12 per month.

You can pay monthly or annually for the membership. And you’ll get exclusive access to additional benefits that regular membership plans don’t have.

To be clear, it isn’t mandatory to subscribe to Whoop Pro.

You’re welcome to try the plan to determine whether it’s good enough for you or otherwise, and then cancel it altogether if you don’t find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens if You Fail to Pay for the Whoop Membership?

Whoop will place your account in an active state if you do not renew your subscription.

There’s a three-day grace period from the time your subscription expires to make your payment for the monthly, annual, or two-year membership plan.

If you fail to renew your subscription, you won’t access your account information, not to mention you won’t be able to upload your fitness data to the Whoop app.

2. Does Whoop Have a Lifetime Membership?

Whoop doesn’t have a lifetime membership plan.

While you get a Whoop 4.0 Strap free of charge, the brand bases its health and tracking on a subscription model that requires a recurring payment.

You have the option to pay monthly, annually, or every two years.

Closing Thoughts

Whoop 4.0 is so advanced and performance optimized that the only thing I detest about it is the lack of a screen.

Its ability to track sleep, strain during workout and recovery makes it a unique addition to the wearable collection.

I don’t think you’ll need a personal trainer if you have Whoop with you because it gives you a better exercise program than what you would get a fitness professional.

Only you cannot use it without an active membership plan.

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