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7 Best Apple Watch Golf Apps Recommended by Golfers


The first set of golf apps for Apple Watch weren’t as good because they were buggy, slow, unstable, and frustrating.

However, the golf landscape has gone through a series of evolution, and so have the apps. Through a series of iterations focused on user experience, developers have made golf apps feature-packed, functional, usable, and accurate on Apple Watch and iPhone.

Currently, the best free and paid golf apps to use on your iPhone and Apple Watch are 18Birdies, Arccos, Roundabout, GolfLogix, TAG Heuer Golf, TheGrint, and Golfshot. These golf apps let you track automatic shots, lower scores, GPS yardage, smart club distances, and more.

1. 18Birdies


Rated 4.9 by at least 149,000 iOS and watchOS users, 18Birdies is undoubtedly the best golf app to try on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

18Birdies features a powerful GPS rangefinder that easily determines exactly how far you’re from the pin right from where you stand. Its Green Maps allow you to find breaks on putts and to scope out slopes for your approach shots.

With 18Birdies, you get a clear highlight on how far your shots should fly on different gold courses around the world.

In 18Birdies golf app is a digital scoreboard for personal scorekeeping. Use the scoreboard to understand your performance, particularly how far you’ve come with every swing.

Download 18Birdies

2. Arccos

Arccos Caddie

Arccos features a massive lineup of over 40,000 golf courses from around the world, making it one of the most popular golf apps for Apple Watch and iPhone.

You can use Arccos to:

  • Monitor each shot you make on the golf course.
  • Use automatic shot tracking magic to shoot lower scores, ideally taking your game to a new level.
  • Get a summary of smart club distances and strokes gained based on customized data.
  • Make critical conditions based on the AI-powered GPS that acts as a smart caddy and helpful rangefinder.

Download Arccos

3. Roundabout Golf GPS Tracker

Roundabout golf app

Roundabout is for newbie golfers and PGA Tour hotshots. With strokes gained data tailored for every level, Roundabout can help you level up your game no matter what stage you’re at in your golf journey. 

Roundabout golf GPS tracker allows you to:

  • Get club recommendation based on your current game and performance history.
  • Use virtual coach to analyze your performance stats and see what you can do to level up your game.
  • Monitor different golf game stats, including shot patterns, strokes gained, putts per GIR, soring, and club distances, which you can use to your advantage.
  • Use the GPS rangefinder to get accurate distance to every from greens and tees to landing zones and hazards. 

Download Roundabout

4. GolfLogix


GolfLogix app features a three-dimensional visualization that brings a golf course to life right on your Apple Watch and iPhone’s screen. GolfLogix lets you wander around a virtual course and it trains you to choose the perfect clubs to nail every hole on the course.

GolfLogix even allows you to:

  • Use the built-in GPS to see the distance from where you’re, so you can adjust for slopes with precision.
  • Draw a clear line from your ball to the flag and make the putts count.
  • Access a digital scoreboard with tools and stats, which you can use to evaluate your performance, step up your game, and shave points off your score.

You’ll love GolfLogix golf app even more because its patented tech tracks ever shot you take in real time.

Download GolfLogix

5. TheGrint


TheGrint focuses on enabling you to step up your game on every golf course. Use it to track your handicap, check scores, and manage your scores with a GHIN account.

One thing that stands out about TheGrint is TheGrint Community. TheGrint Community lets you chat with other golf players, monitor your achievements, and root for birdies with live score notifications.

TheGrint includes a GPS distance tracker that gives you accurate distances on the course, so you know exactly how far you’re from the green before you swing your golf club. Moreover, TheGrint synchronizes with Apple Health, making it possible to track your golf workouts and get the stats you need to improve your performance.

Download TheGrint

6. TAG Heuer Golf

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Golf brings more than 39,000 golf courses in three-dimensional maps at your fingertips, making it the ultimate toolkit for stepping up your game.

You don’t have to guess the distance between the green and hazards because TAG Heuer Golf shows you all the relevant distances you need. And in addition to recommending the best club for your next shot, TAG Heuer Golf monitors every score you make, so you have all the insights on your wrist.

TAG Heuer Golf is not a one-player type of golf app. You can use the app to get up to 4 friends in action, complete simultaneously, and track your scores on a leaderboard.

Download TAG Heuer Golf

7. Golfshot


Golfshot is one of the most popular golf apps for iPhone and Apple Watch because it works well with the World Handicap System. Developed for beginners and pros alike, Golfshot is ideal for leveling up your game and tracking your progress over time.

Use Golfshot to:

  • See distances to the green, hazards, and targets on more than 45,000 golf courses in the world.
  • Get real-time distance for each club and easily monitor your shots and rounds.
  • Access personalized club recommendations based on your previous gameplay, so you can have perfect shorts in future.

You’ll love Golfshot because its stats are comprehensive and easy to understand. For example, you get a clear breakdown of how often you hit the fairway, your putts, and your GIR stats.

Download Golfshot

Can I Record Golf Exercise on My Apple Watch?

You can record golf exercise on your Apple Watch via the pre-installed workout app.

  • Open the Workoutapp on your Apple Watch.
  • Choose Golf.
  • Tap the three dots on the top right of the visible screen and select Open, Time, or Calories goal.
  • Tap Start.
  • Mark a segment (each hole in the golf course) as you play for later view on your iPhone.
  • Swipe left to End Workout once you’re done.

The problem with the workout app is that it’s extremely basic. It only records heart rate, calories burned, and heart rate while you’re playing. These metrics are good, but they’re not enough for new golfers and birdies who want to enhance their handicap.

You need to use a dedicated golf app to record more information about your golf game and your overall performance. That’s why I’ve recommended 18Birdies, Arccos Caddie, Roundabout, GolfLogix, Tag Heuer Golf, TheGrint, and Golfshot in this guide.

Which is the Overall Best Golf App for Apple Watch?

The best iPhone and Apple Watch apps for golf are the ones that meet your specific needs. The bottom line of these apps is to level up your game over time based on your past performance.

Because these golf apps enable you to track stats, keep scores, learn more about strokes, and understand blind shot compass, you can make better golf decisions that enable you to become a better golfer over time.

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