does apple watch drain iphone battery

Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery? What You Should Know

The Apple Watch is hands down the best smartwatch of all time. Save for the fact that it works only on the iOS and watchOS ecosystem, the watch can do many things for you, including crash detection, stress management, sleep tracking, and contactless payments. But does the Apple Watch drain iPhone battery? Your Apple Watch … Read more

best apple watch cases

9 Best Apple Watch Cases For One More Layer of Protection

Apple Watches are rugged in design, with every new model being tougher than the last. But as durable and hardy as they look and feel, it doesn’t mean your model is indestructible. That’s why you need the best cases to add a layer of protection onto your Apple Watch. The best Apple Watch case to … Read more

best apple watch alternatives

4 Best Apple Watch Alternatives That Are Just as Good

Do you find the Apple Watch’s price too steep to justify? Does a short battery life in a smartwatch turn you off despite its array of great features? Or maybe you love flexibility and don’t want to confine yourself to an iOS-only ecosystem? It’s time to look at the best Apple Watch alternatives. Ideally, the … Read more

apple watch not syncing contacts

Apple Watch Not Syncing Contacts? Here’s How to Fix It

I’ve had to deal with Apple Watch not syncing contacts twice. And I understand how frustrating it is to have to enter someone’s details manually. But what causes the Apple Watch to fail to show contact names and what can you do to fix it? Generally, your Apple Watch is not syncing contacts because Bluetooth … Read more

how to fix apple watch not counting calories

Apple Watch Not Counting Calories? Here’s How to Fix It

I’ve had at least five instances when my Apple Watch Series 6 tracked steps, monitored my heart rate, but failed to calculate calories burned. The outcome was obviously inaccurate for each instance. So if you have a problem with Apple Watch not counting calories, I can understand your frustration. But why does this happen and … Read more

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Apple Watch Alarm Not Working? Try These 6 EASY Fixes

There’s nothing as frustrating as waking up late because your Apple Watch alarm is not working. The outcome is that you’ll more than likely run late for nearly everything. But why is your Apple Watch alarm not going off in the first place? In my experience, the alarm won’t go off because the watch is … Read more

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7 EASY Ways to Fix Siri Not Working on Apple Watch

Siri is the most powerful voice assistant integrated to the Apple Watch. From opening apps and calculating route to making calls and sending quick replies, there’s a lot it can do for you. But why is Siri not working on your Apple Watch in the first place? Siri is not working on your Apple Watch … Read more

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Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Not Working? Try These 5 Fixes

My goal with this troubleshooting guide is simple. I’ll tell you why Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie is not working for you. And then give you some quick, easy fixes to get the app working on the smartwatch again. To begin with: Walkie-Talkie isn’t working on your Apple Watch because of poor internet connection, a system glitch, … Read more

when should I charge my apple watch

When Should I Charge My Apple Watch? Let’s Find Out

Apple Watch doesn’t have a decent battery life. In theory, the best you get is an 18-hour runtime on a single charge, which could be less depending on how many features you have activated. But when exactly should you charge the watch to keep it functioning? You can charge your Apple Watch any time and … Read more