apple watch touchscreen not working

Apple Watch Touchscreen Not Working? (Try These 6 Fixes)

One of the most common problems with any Apple Watch is the screen not responding to touch. In my experience, a smartwatch that doesn’t respond to swipes and taps is as good as dead. But why is Apple Watch touchscreen not working in the first place? Generally, Apple Watch touchscreen won’t work because the screen … Read more

apple watch vs fitbit

Apple Watch Vs Fitbit: The Complete Comparison Guide (2022) 

Having to choose between Apple Watch and Fitbit can literary tear you apart if you have to go one way and make an exclusive choice. But knowing them is a step closer to making a credible buying decision.   The two brands have recently invested in technological advances and continue to refine their margins. But … Read more

how to make apple watch battery last longer explained

8 Ways to Make Apple Watch Battery Last Longer

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to make Apple Watch battery last longer, even if you’re an everyday smartwatch user. Here’s the deal: Apple Watches come preloaded with a wide range of features to keep you connected and engaged. But every model records a poor battery life, with a near 18-hour runtime being the … Read more

are apple watches waterproof

Are Apple Watches Waterproof? (Answered With Examples)

A few months after its debut in April 2015, the Apple Watch 1 sold about 4.2 million times, making it the best-selling wearable ever created. To date, Apple has released new models with more interesting features. But are Apple Watches waterproof?   Apple watches are not waterproof. But they’re water-resistant to given level, which means … Read more