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Can Fitbit Connect to Apple Health? (What You Need to Know)


Fitbit and Apple Health have one thing in common. They allow you to work towards improving your health and becoming a better you. But can Fitbit connect to Apple Health for data sharing? 

You can’t direct connect Fitbit to Apple Health. To connect the two, you’ll need to use a third-party app such as Sync Solver, Fitbit to Apple Health Sync, and Power Sync. A third-party app won’t give you access to all data, but it’s the best option if you want to link Fitbit to Apple Health.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health, step-by-step.

In the end, you should be able to access your Fitbit data in Apple Health, as if you had established a direct connection between the two apps.

How to Connect Fitbit to Apple Health

There’s no direct way to connect Fitbit to Apple Health. And that’s perhaps because the two rivals are competitors in the smartwatch and fitness tracker space. Or it could be that they haven’t considered such an option in their development phase yet.

Although you can’t directly link the Fitbit app to Apple Health, you can use third-party apps to make the connection between the two.

Your options include:

  • Sync Solver
  • Power Sync
  • Fitbit to Apple Health Sync

In the following section, I’ll show you exactly how to use these apps to create a connection between the Fitbit app and Apple Health app. 

1. Use Sync Solver to Connect Fitbit to Apple Health

Sync Solver is one of the best iOS apps that allow you to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health.

using Sync Solver for fitbit sync to apple health

Currently going for $4.99 on Apple app store, the Sync Solver is a well-built app that works seamlessly and allows you to sync your Fitbit data over to the Apple Health app.

To connect your Fitbit account to Apple Health with this third-party app:

  • Download the Sync Solver app for iOS
  • Open Sync Solver app and tap the Sync Now option
  • Tap Continue on the next screen and then tap the Turn All Categories On.

Sync Solver will redirect you to Fitbit, where you’ll have to login to your account and grant it the permission to access your Fitbit data.

  • Tap on the Allow button so that Sync Solver accesses your data
  • Tap Open on the next screen to allow iPhone to open the Sync Solver app

Your Fitbit should now be “in sync” with the Sync Solver.

The Sync Solver relies on Apple’s background sync function to synchronize data from your Fitbit. You can also sync the data manually by opening the Sync Solver app and tapping on the Sync Now option.

2. Use Power Sync Third-party App

The Power Sync for Fitbit is an equally good third-party app that allows you to pair your Fitbit with Apple Health.

power sync app

One thing I love about this app is the wealth of information you can get in the Apple Health after a successful sync. With Power Sync, Apple Health can access your Fitbit:

  • Walking and running distance
  • Estimate of calories burned
  • Stairs climbed
  • Weight
  • Steps walked  
  • Sleep quality and
  • Heart rate

To connect your Fitbit to Apple Health with Power Sync:

  • Download the app from this Apple App Store link to your iPhone.
  • Open the app once installation is complete
  • Tap on Sync Now
  • The app redirects you to the Fitbit login page

The app will redirect you to the Fitbit login page, where you have to type your username and password. If prompted, allow the app the read and write permission, and tap Continue.

  • Choose the metrics you’d like to sync to Apple Health
  • Tap Allow to save your preference

Your Fitbit should now start synchronizing your preferred data to the Apple Health app with the help of the Power Sync app.

Syncing your data in future is easy. You’ll open the Power Sync app and tap on the Sync Now button. Or, if you have the money to spend, take advantage of the Power Sync’s in-app purchase and buy the auto-sync subscription to have your data synced automatically for you.

3.  Use the Fitbit to Apple Health Sync App

The Fitbit to Apple Health Sync app is another option you can use to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health and access your activity data fast.

myfitnesssync app

The Fitbit to Apple Health Sync app is free to download, but the developers do offer in-app purchases, which you can buy if you want to take full advantage of the app.

To connect Fitbit to Apple Health with this option:

  • Download the Fitbit to Apple Health Sync from here.
  • Launch the app.
  • Access your Fitbit account within the app using your Fitbit email and password.
  • Check all the fields and tap on the Allow button so that the app can access and sync your data. 
  • If prompted to open the Fitbit to Apple Health Sync app, tap Open.
  • Tap the Sync Now button
  • Further, tap on the Allow option on the Apple Health app popup
  • Tap on the All Categories ON link. Doing prompts the app to update your Fitbit data in the Apple Health app.
  • Complete the steps by tapping on Allow on the top right

It can take up to 20 minutes for app to synchronize all your data from your Fitbit account to Apple Health. That’s so only if you’re syncing the two applications for the first time.

The benefit of using the Fitbit to Apple Health Sync app is that you can access an array of data, including:

Overall, you get access to nearly all your profile information, which makes this app a better option to consider if you want to access your Fitbit stats in the Apple Health app.

How to Sync and View Your Fitbit Data to Apple Health

Now that you know how to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health, you need to sync data from your Fitbit activity tracker or smartwatch to access your stats.

To do this:

  • Make sure your Fitbit device is in close proximity to your phone, often not more than 4 meters away.
  • Click the Sync Now option in the app you chose to use to connect Fitbit and Apple Health
  • Your fitness tracker or smartwatch will link to the app and start syncing automatically

Once data synchronization is complete, launch the Apple Health app, and tap on the Health Data tab at the bottom.

Look under the Activity or Sleep section to view your activity, health, and fitness information.

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Final Thoughts

Fitbit and Apple have not worked on a direct way to link between their apps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect the two entities.

With the help of the third-party apps that I’ve mentioned in this guide, it should be possible to connect the two platforms together and access important stats about your overall health and fitness.

Whether you use Sync Solver, Power Sync, or myFitnessSync app, you should easily connect Fitbit to Samsung Health if you follow the syncing procedures I’ve shared in this guide without skipping any step.

I understand that not everyone appreciates the use of third-party apps. But if you really want to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health, your only option is to take advantage of these third-party solutions.

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