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How to Charge Oura Ring and Optimize Battery Performance


After five to seven days of pushing the Oura Ring to its edge, you’ll need 20 to 120 minutes to charge the battery to its full capacity for the next round of health and fitness tracking.

Then, you have to repeat the exact same process for as long as the smart ring lasts.

But exactly how do you charge the Oura Ring battery?

It really is as simple as placing the ring in its dock and connecting the charging end to a power outlet.

But there’s more to this, so continue reading to learn:

  • The steps to charge an Oura Ring
  • How to extended the Oura Ring battery life
  • What to do if Oura Ring won’t charge

How to Charge the Oura Ring

You need to charge the Oura Ring before using it for the first time and every time the battery runs out of power.

The Oura Ring includes a complete charging kit to juice up the battery. Specifically, you get a charging dock and a Type-C USB cable.

So, to charge the ring:

  • Attach the USB to a power source and to the charging dock.
  • Place the ring in the charging dock. 
  • Wait 20 to 80 minutes for the ring to charge.

And that’s all there is it.

How Do I Know My Oura Ring is Charging?

You should see a slow white pulsing LED light to indicate that the ring is currently charging.

After charging for 20 to 80 minutes, depending on the battery level you had before connecting the ring to the charger, the white LED light will turn to green to indicate that your Oura Ring is fully charged.

You can also set the Oura app to send you push notifications to your phone once the charging is complete. You must enable Bluetooth and allow the Oura app to run in the background for this alert option to work.

Why is My Oura Ring Not Charging?

I understanding that nothing is as frustrating as placing the Oura Ring in its charging dock and not see the white pulsing LED light.

So here are the reasons why the ring won’t charge and what you can do to fix the problem:

1. The USB Cable is Not Connected to Power

The first thing you want to check if your Oura Ring won’t charge is the USB cable connection. 

It’s likely that you have a lose connection between the cable and the charging dock, or between the cable and the USB port.

Ensure you connected the USB-C cable properly to the power source and to the charging dock.

2. The Charging Adapter is Dead

It could be there is a problem with the power adapter if the battery is still not charging.

Simply get a new charging adapter or use an alternative power source, such as your laptop or a power bank.

It’s as simple as that.

3. Wrong Positioning of the Ring on the Dock

It’s possible that you haven’t placed the ring properly into its charging dock. 

So, check to ensure the charging contact of the dock makes aligns with the charging contacts on the ring. 

And if you’re ever going to get an Oura charger replacement in the future, you’ll first need to make sure the sizing is right.

4. You’ve Exposed the Ring to Extreme Temperature

Oura Ring uses a rechargeable, non-replaceable 15mAh to 22mAh Lipo battery. This battery won’t charge if you expose the ring to extremely hot or cold temperature.

So ensure you use the ring in environments with moderate temperature, and you won’t have an issue with charging it.

How to Make Oura Ring Battery Last Longer

The following tips can help you to optimize the performance of your Oura Ring’s battery, so you can use the wearable for longer:

1. Never Let the Battery Level Reach 0%

Leaving the battery to drain completely can affect the quality of the battery, which in turn affects how long it can hold charge.

A good way to keep the battery in check is to ensure it never drains to 0%. Instead, charge it as soon as the battery level is at 10% give or take.  –

2. Use Power Saving Mode

Have you purchased an Oura alternative and want to take a break from using the ring for a while?

You should activate the power saving mode to keep the battery from deteriorating when the device is not in use.

3. Don’t Overcharge the Ring

Leaving the Oura ring on the charging dock after the charging color changes from white to green is a good way to damage the ring’s battery.

Remove the ring from the charger as soon as the green light comes on, and you won’t have to worry about it losing charge too soon.

Remember that on a full charge, the right should last 4 to 6 days give or take. And you don’t want charging malpractice to ruin that.

Oura Ring Replacement Charger

Is your Oura Ring charger lost, broken, or no longer working? Or maybe you wish that you had an extra charger for travel?

You can get a replacement or an additional one from Oura.

Keep in mind that Oura doesn’t endorse third-party charging docks, if there is ever such a thing. In other words, Oura Ring replacement chargers are available only on the brand’s official website.

The ring doesn’t come with an adapter in the box. But that isn’t a deal breaker because any adapter with a USB port will work seamlessly with the charging dock.

Because Oura Rings come in different sizes, you should pick a replacement charger that fits the size of your model. Check the inside of your ring for the size before placing your order for a replacement charger.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to take good care of your ring’s charger. Going for $59, an Oura Ring charger is the most expensive I’ve seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Charge the Oura Ring Without a Charger?

You cannot charge the Oura Ring without a charger. The smart ring can only go into a charging dock, which must of a very specific size.

And since Oura hasn’t mentioned launching an alternative way to juice the battery, there simply isn’t another way to do so.

You can also read more about Oura wireless charging here.

2. How Long Does the Oura Ring Take to Charge?

It takes 20 to 80 minutes to charge an Oura Ring depending on the current battery level.

And with a full charge, you can use the ring to track your sleep, recovery, and activities for 5 to 6 days give or take.

3. Can I Use My Phone Charger to Charge the Oura Ring?

You can use your smartphone’s charger to charge the ring as long as it’s a USB-C type.

So if the original USB Type-C that came with your ring doesn’t work anymore, your phone’s charger can come to the rescue.

4. How Do I Check Oura Ring Battery Level?

You can check the ring’s battery level in the companion app.

  • Open the Oura app on your smartphone.
  • Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Allow the battery level notification.
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