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6 Best Smartwatches for Texting and Calling (In 2023)


From reading short messages to sending quick replies fast, the best smartwatches for texting allow you to communicate in style without reaching out for your phone.  

In testing, the Apple Watch Series 8 offers a smooth texting experience, which allows you to communicate even when you don’t have your iPhone with you. The built-in QWERRTY keyboard brings the smartphone experience to your wrist, as it makes it easy to read and respond to texts.

Other models, such as LG Watch Urbane, Fitbit Sense 2, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 allow you to receive, read, and reply to text messages. And they come at different price points.

6 Best Smartwatches for Texting and Calling

Here’s the deal:

The wearable market has dozens of smartwatches that can make calls and respond to text messages. However, before you pay for a model in full, make sure the watch’s operating system is compatible with your phone.

Take Apple Watches, for example. While they’re hands revolutionary, they’re not cross device compatible. In other words, you can’t use an Apple Watch if you don’t have an iPhone because watchOS is not compatible with Android OS.

With that said, here’s a review of the smartwatches that you can use to send text messages and answer calls:

1. Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 makes like easy in a few different ways, one of which is to allow you to receive, read, and send text messages to friends, colleagues, and family members.

One thing that stands out about this smartwatch is the display. Although the screen isn’t as bright as that of the Apple Watch 5, it’s clear enough to give you a smooth texting experience.

The built-in QWERRTY keyboard, combined with the responsive touchscreen, lets you type even long messages. But how fast you can fill the text input depends on your speed.

You even have the option to use voice command to compose messages. And, to me, that’s a great option for those don’t have the time or patience to type on the small screen real estate.

Then there’s the quick reply, an option that’s quite handy if you don’t have the time to write back a message but still wants to reply the message.

Apparently, the LTE technology integrated to the Apple Watch Series 8 makes it possible to send messages even if you have left your iPhone at home.

The biggest problem with Apple Watch Series 8 is the terrible runtime on a single charge. But there are ways to use Apple Watch for longer so you don’t have to charge it more than once a day. 

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Small and light, with an extremely bright screen on the highest mode, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a smartwatch designed for comfort, versatility, and performance.

Its display is 1.4 inches, a sizeable screen real estate that allows you to type and send text messages to family, friends, and colleagues.

You get a mix of personalized control and preset messaging. In other words, you can type of a full message if you have the time to, or you can use the quick replies to respond back if you want to get in touch quick.

You won’t text as fast on the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but the smartwatch give you a seamless texting experience nonetheless.

What’s more?

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 even allows you to use voice commands to type messages. At its price point, the voice to text feature is undoubtedly a handy addition.

3. Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense 2 gained a wider audience shortly after its launch, and it’s currently one of the 5 brand’s smartwatches with a decent rating in the wearable space.

Sense 2 stands out for a sleek, improved design. The software and hardware upgrades make it an admirable model that perform exactly as advertised.

One of the things Fitbit can do is to let you answer calls and text on the Sense 2.

You don’t have the option to write long messages. But the quick reply options are good enough responses to let the other person know that you’re in touch with them.

Fitbit Sense 2 also allows you to make and receive calls. And provided you’ve enabled the option in the Fitbit app on your Android or iOS smartphone, this should not be a problem at all.

Sense 2 doesn’t have a dial pad to tap the number of the person you would like to call. However, it does use Google Assistant for wearable to call any person saved in your contact list.

4. Ticwatch E3 Smart Watch

In my eyes, Ticwatch is a brand that combines style and function to bring you aesthetic smartwatches that perform well.

The Ticwatch E3 is the brand’s latest, and it’s a model that takes the power to text and makes calls from your phone and puts it on your wrist.

Speaking of the display, you get a clear, 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen that responds to swipes and taps without an instance of a lag. 

Like Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch Active 2, the Ticwatch E3 includes a voice command, which you can use to dictate text if you don’t want to type your message.

Note that the ability to make calls and write messages with Ticwatch E3 work only for Android technology. 

5. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

If you’re looking for an inexpensive smartwatch that lets you reply to calls and text messages, you might want to consider this option.

Compatible with Android and iPhone, Samsung Gear Smartwatch offers a smooth texting experience despite its small screen size.

You can’t make calls from the watch. But at least you can answer every call right from your wrist without ever having to reach out for your phone.

One interesting feature, though outside the scope of the texting and calling subject, is the inclusion of NFC technology. Such smartwatches make wrist payments, adding more flexibility to your lifestyle.

The battery last for nearly 7 days on average. So you should get enough power to enjoy texting and calling without the need for regular charging. 

6. TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE may not be as popular as kids’ Fitbit, but it’s a perfect gift for boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years.

The watch may not be as aesthetically appealing. And while it isn’t heavy, it may appear rather bulky on small wrist. However, TickTalk is a solid piece with powerful communication features, one of which is to send text messages.

In addition to sending short messages, the watch allows kids to share photos, GIFs, and emoji.

With over 20 parental control options built into the device, you can decide what features your child have access to and at what time of the day.

Closing Thoughts

The best smartwatches for texting may not have changed the way family members, colleagues, and friends text.

And, owing to their small screens, it’s unlikely that smartwatches will replace Android and iOS smartphones for writing, sending, receiving, and replying to text.

However, such timepieces are revolutionary in the sense that they give you the convenience to communicate in occasions where you wouldn’t necessarily need a phone.

Interestingly, some smartwatches, such as Apple Watch Ultra, Google Pixel Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, have the built-in LTE. Thanks to the technology, it’s possible to send text messages without your phone nearby. 

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