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Can You Watch Netflix on Apple Watch? Let’s Find Out


From answering calls and recording voice memo to streaming music and making contactless payments, an Apple Watch can do nearly everything an iPhone does. But can you watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

You can’t directly download the Netflix app to your Apple Watch and stream your favorite movies and TV series. But you can access this feature via the smartwatch’s web browser. Your other options are to watch Netflix on your iPhone or your smart television.

I’m not so certain if the Netflix app will be available for direct download to an Apple Watch, or if Apple is getting closer to Netflix streaming.

But what’s for sure is that there’s a way to access Netflix on your Apple Watch if you want to, although it requires a bit of an elbow grease.

How Can You Watch Netflix on Apple Watch? (2 Options Explained)

Netflix does not have a native app for the Apple Watch. And the brand hasn’t announced plans or intentions to create one.

Still, I can think of at least three ways to play Netflix videos and access them via your Apple Watch’s display.

1. Use the Apple Watch Browser

Here’s the deal:

The latest Apple Watch Series 7, 8, and Ultra features improved software and hardware components, as well as an upgrade browser that adds to the smartwatches’ overall flexibility.

So if you wish to watch Netflix on the Apple Watch, your first option is to use the built-in mobile browser app.

But there’s a caveat.

While there’s indeed a browser built into an Apple Watch, it’s not easily accessible because Apple hides it.

You have to command Siri voice assistant to help you access the browser. And while that somewhat translates to bad user experience, it’s the only option you have.

  • Press and hold down the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch
  • Speak to the Apple Watch. Say, “Hey Siri, Go to Netflix.com”.
  • Scroll down and select Open Page
  • Once you’re on the Netflix screen on your Apple Watch, login to your account using your email and password.

And that’s it!

You can now start watching any movie, television series, reality shows, or documentary on Netflix right from your wrist.

2. Use an iPhone to Mirror to Your Apple Watch

Your second option is to watch any movie, documentary, reality show, or documentary on your Apple Watch via your iPhone.

While using this approach is a sure way to access Netflix on your iPhone and Apple Watch, the technique does require the most equipment.

You’ll need a smart TV or laptop, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone.

That’s quite a lot, but it’s the ideal requirement if you can’t get your Apple Watch browser to work as intended.

Here, you’ll set your iPhone to act as the live-streaming device and your Apple Watch as the viewing object.

The setup is a no brainer, as the Apple Watch comes with a feature that allows you to connect to an iPhone’s camera.

  • Launch Netflix on your laptop or smart television.
  • Select the movie or TV show you want to watch and select the “play” option.
  • Open the camera app on your iPhone and positon it such that it faces your laptop or television.
  • Launch the watchOS camera on your Apple Watch.
  • Mirror the content that your iPhone’s camera sees to your Apple Watch.

And that’s it.

You should be ready to start watching Netflix right straight from your wrist.

Is Trying to Get Netflix on Apple Watch Worth It?

To be honest, going through the struggle of trying to get Netflix to play on your Apple Watch is just not worth it.

What’s the point of going through all the struggle of trying to figure out the twists of getting Netflix on the smartwatch when you can spend that time streaming from your TV or iPhone?

I understand that going minimal is better at times. But as with every gadget on the planet, even an Apple Watch has its limitation.

That Netflix hasn’t worked on a native app specifically for Apple Watch is a clear phenomenon that you should even bother trying to make this work.

That’s not to say you can’t play Netflix on Apple Watch. You can, and I’ve already shared two ways to do that. But the process is tedious.

From talking to Siri to open the hidden browser to setting up an iPhone to mirror Netflix content to the watch, you’re going to spend more time on this.

And honestly, it’s practically a waste of time. 

The Right Way to Watch Netflix Movies and Shows

Given how tiresome it is to try to get Netflix to an Apple Watch, it’s just easier to stick to the already established ways to stream movies and shows on the service.

1. Watch Netflix on Your Smart TV

Netflix app is available for most smart TV.

And the setup process is often as simple as installing the app, logging in to your profile, and watching the movies and the shows that you like.

If you have an Android TV, navigate to the Play Store and download the Netflix app.

Some smart televisions already come with Netflix pre-installed. And if your TV isn’t Android powered, you can get the app from the brand’s built-in application library.

2. Download and Use the Netflix App

The other option is to watch Netflix on your smartphone.

What I love about this option is that you can watch Netflix movies and shows wherever you’re, as long as long as you have internet access.

Netflix is available for iOS and Android devices, and you can download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. 

Note that you will need an active subscription to watch Netflix on a smart television and iOS devices. Netflix has a free plan for Android users, but there are limits to the number of premium movies and shows that you can watch. 

How Does Apple Watch Treat Other Videos?

One limitation to an Apple Watch is that you can’t play a video directly on it.

You’ll have to send your Apple Watch the video you wish to watch as a message. Then, you’ll have to go to the message app and tap on the link to play the video.

Note that the videos you send as messages to your Apple Watch must be in the form of files, not links.

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Final Thoughts

The versatility that comes with an Apple Watch is something I truly appreciate.

If anything, nothing is as powerful as the ability to access rich content right from your wrist without the need to look at your phone.

Unfortunately, even the latest Apple Watch Ultra can only do so much.

Because, all factors considered, one thing you can’t do is get a direct access to the Netflix app to stream movies, television shows, stand ups, and documentaries on the Apple Watch.

To put your mind at ease, use the options I’ve shared in this post to access Netflix services and immerse yourself in your favorite videos.

As for me, I’m better watching Netflix on my smart television or smartphone. Getting the service on an Apple Watch isn’t worth the effort to say the least.

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