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Which Fitbit Do I Have? 5 Ways to Identify the Name and Model


I have been using and studying Fitbit devices for nearly 2 years. And I have to admit that the brand designs some of the best wearable devices yet.

With the device, you can track sleep, manage stress, control music, make contactless payments, and so much more. To this day, I see Fitbit as a brand that boasts of the work that it has done albeit its shortcomings.

But how can you tell which Fitbit you have? 

In this guide, I give you a list of the Fitbit models. Also, I tell you exactly how you can identify the model that you currently have.

Up until now, the brand has:

  • Built and sold fitness trackers and smartwatches to more than a million individuals
  • Recalled some models and discontinued them altogether due to the risks that they pose to human health
  • Stopped the production of some good Fitbit devices, such as the Ionic Adidas Edition
  • Become a Google’s fully owned company

The one thing that I’ve seen remain constant over the years is Fitbit’s tendency to release new models after a given period. And every new release has its unique identity.

How Do I Know Which Fitbit Model I Have?

In my introduction to Fitbit, I talked about what the device is, why it’s such a popular brand, and what it can do.

And if you’ve already grabbed a Fitbit fitness tracker or a smartwatch, you already know what model you have.

I mean, come on.

You wouldn’t trust Fitbit with your wallet if you didn’t know exactly what you want to buy from them.

So my guess is you want to know what model you have just as a refresher, you want to confirm whether you got the right package after shipping, or you intend to transfer the Fitbit to a new user but have to get them the full details about the device.

Fortunately, finding your Fitbit model is a no brainer.  

1. Use the App to Check the Model Name

As Google continues to take the Fitbit app for a spin, we expect to see some intuitive changes in its user interface. The outcome should be a platform that allows easy access to your data without having to tap too much.

One way to know which Fitbit model you have is to use this app. But this method only works if you’ve already connected your Fitbit to phone.

  • Launch the app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Tap the profile icon.

You’ll see the type of Fitbit device that you have on the Account screen, just above the MobileTrack option.

2. Check the Model Number Directly From Your Device

Okay, here’s the deal:

You can find the model number of your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch without turning to the companion app or Google search.

Here’s how:

  • Press the Fitbit button to wake up the display.
  • Swipe left to open the apps screen.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Scroll and tap the “About” option.
  • Choose Regulatory Info.

You’ll see the model number at the top of the screen and additional information below that.

3. Use Android Fast Pair to Check the Device Name

It’s too tedious to dig through Bluetooth settings and fiddle around with buttons to get wireless devices to connect and communicate with each other.

Google solves this problem with Android Fast Pair technology.

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Android phone’s location to find and connect wireless devices in close proximity. The idea here is to promote an instant, seamless connectivity. 

But how does this help you find what Fitbit model you have?

Well, here’s the deal:

Google owns Fitbit, and now these devices work seamlessly with Android Fast Pair. Now you can use this technology to your advantage and find what Fitbit model you have in minutes.

  • Bring your Fitbit device closer to your Android smartphone.
  • Wait a few seconds for the fitness tracker or smartwatch to appear on the screen.
  • Tap set up to proceed with configuration.

Note that Android Fast Pair is not available to iOS devices. Also, the technology works only on Android version 8 and above.

4. Search Amazon Products Page 

Another option to learn more about different Fitbit devices, including what you already own, is to search Amazon.

Amazon is a powerful search engine and the world’s number one ecommerce platform that lists fitness trackers and smartwatches from different brands, including Fitbit.

  • First, go to Amazon and search for Fitbit.
  • Look at the results and select a listing that looks similar to the watch or tracker that you currently have.
  • Click on the product to see more details about it.
  • Scroll all the way down to product details. Here’s where you’ll see the Fitbit’s model number.

And that’s all there is to it.

5. Check the Products Page

Another option is to check Fitbit’s product page.

I like how Fitbit puts its devices into categories, beginning with smartwatches, followed by fitness trackers, services, accessories, and so on.

Note that the products page only shows what’s currently on sale, meaning these are the only Fitbit devices currently in production.

But that’s not a drawback per se.

Fitbit Models by Year

The following table is a summary of Fitbit models based on their release date:

 Fitbit ModelTypeRelease Date
1.SenseSmartwatchSeptember 2020
2.ChargeFitness TrackerNovember 2014
3.Sense 2SmartwatchSeptember 2022
4.Charge 4Fitness TrackerMarch 2020
5.Charge 3Fitness TrackerOctober 2018
6.Inspire HRFitness TrackerFebruary 2019
7.LuxeFitness TrackerApril 2021
8.Versa 2SmartwatchSeptember 2019
9.Charge 5Fitness TrackerSeptember 2021
10.Inspire 2Fitness TrackerSeptember 2020
11.Ace 2Fitness TrackerMarch 2019
12.Versa 3SmartwatchSeptember 2020
13.Inspire 3Fitness TrackerSeptember 2022
14.Versa 4SmartwatchSeptember 2022
15.Ace 3Fitness TrackerMarch 2021

Discontinued Fitbit Models

The table below is a summary of the discontinued Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches:

 Discontinued ModelModel TypeYear of ReleaseDiscontinuation Year
1.Fitbit Flex 2Activity TrackerOctober 20162019
2.Fitbit ForceActivity TrackerOctober 2013February 2014
4.Fitbit ZipActivity TrackerSeptember 2012March 2019
5.Fitbit Alta HRActivity TrackerMarch 2017
6.Fitbit OneActivity TrackerSeptember 2012
7.Fitbit AltaActivity TrackerFebruary 20162017
8.Fitbit IonicSmartwatchSeptember 20172020

Final Thoughts

Every Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch has a unique serial number also referred to as the model number.

You can find the number in the Settings section of your device or Amazon product pages.

If you’re just curious to know the version of your device, use the other methods that I’ve shared in this guide.

I hope this helps.

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