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How to Make Apple Watch Look Classy and Expensive


The entire Apple Watch generation has one thing in common: an aesthetic that blends with just about any outfit. But how can you make Apple Watch look classy without breaking the bank?

You can make your Apple Watch look classy by swapping the straps with leather bands, blind bands, or stainless steel bands. Switching to a classy watch face can add a touch of elegance to the smartwatch’s design.

I’m not a fashion die hard by any means. But I believe it’s possible to make Apple Watch look more elegant than it already is.

3 Ways to Make Apple Watch Look Classy and Pricey

People don’t just wear the best smartwatches to check the time of the day. They do so to have a prestigious feel and show some personal status.

If you own an Apple Watch (which, by the way, already looks aesthetically appealing right out of the box), you can tweak its look and feel to make it look classy.

Here’s how:

1. Swap the Standard Bands with Leather Bands

Apple Watch’s standard bands undoubtedly look great. But they may not be as stunning if you want to stand out from the crowd that wears a similar series as yours.

To look different, swap these bands with bands made of tough, durable leather. The STIROLL Slim Leather Bands are a good option, particularly because they’re cheap yet well made.

STIROLL Slim Leather Bands can make you look more classy, graceful, and stylish in appearance irrespective of your gender.

Because it’s available in over 30 colors, from coffee with silver to gray with rose gold, you can buy several of these to swap up depending on your day’s outfit.

You’ll love STIROLL leather bands because they’re non-slip. Once you wrap them around your wrist to a snug, they fit and stick.

2. Make Your Apple Watch Look Elegant with Fitlink Metal Bands

To say that Fitlink Metal Bands stand out would be an understatement.

Seriously, you’re getting elegant, aesthetically appealing bands that won’t rust after swimming or drenching in rain.

These do more than just turning heads. Imagine getting compliments on how sleek your watch looks simply because you swapped out the standard bands with these ones. You feel prideful especially if you get comment from complete strangers.

Fitlink Metal Bands aren’t as light as Nike Sport or Trail Loop.

But some extra weight on you wrist may not be a deal breaker if you seriously want to make your Apple Watch look classy.

There are ten color options for these. So you might want to get more than one of these just to swap and match with different outfits.

Apparently, I tend to think that the silver hue offers a more sophisticated appearance, especially if you’re in a tuxedo.

3. Make Your Apple Watch Look Expensive With LELONG Bands

LELONG for Apple Watch features Rhinestones and a golden finish, which gives a rich touch and an elegant appearance.

I have a personal biasness when it comes to colors, so I’d pick the vintage or rose gold if I were to go with these. Apparently, you get up to 11 color options, so it should be easy to get a more personalized touch with these bands.

To add some class to your Apple Watch with these, don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to change the watch face. The bands will blend well with watch faces that have letters or numbers than plain image options.

Something that stands out about LELONG is the ability to resize them for a better fit. You can remove extra links using the accompanying resizing tool to get a snug fit.

Remember, the last thing you want is the sensors not making contact with your skin. So, a good fit is necessary.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should You Wear an Apple Watch with a Suit?

It depends.

Some people argue that wearing an Apple Watch is a terrible combination that makes you look a little clumsy.

However, I do think the watch can fit with just about any attire, including formal and camp suits.

So you should look classy if you wear your Apple Watch with your suit provided you’re attentive to details when it comes to design patterns.

If you’re putting on a suit for the day, have a matching pair of shoes, belt, and Apple Watch bands.

You don’t want to look cartoonish in a suit. So instead of swapping the current Apple Watch bands with sports bands, match your dressing code with leather bands.

2. How Can I Wear an Apple Watch Elegantly?

You can wear an Apple Watch elegantly by exchanging the standard bands with more aesthetic bands that match your outfit. 

Select durable leather bands for the watch if you’re wearing a suit, and make sure your belt matches the color of your shoes, as well as the bands you selected.

3. Can You Wear an Apple Watch with a Tuxedo?

You can wear an Apple Watch with a tuxedo and look just as good. Just make sure the color of your belt and shoes matches with your Apple Watch’s band.

There’s often the temptation of wanting to try sports bands with official outfit. But I had rather you select leather bands if you want your watch to match with your tuxedo.

Final Thoughts

In addition to being a smartwatch that plays music, supports wrist payment, tracks sleep, detects falls and everything in between, an Apple Watch is an elegant timepiece that can add a stunning touch to your outfit.

And provided you pick your clothes right, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t turn heads in the streets.

Whether you do casuals or you dress up in formal outfit on a daily basis, the Apple Watch has the elegant and contemporary design to match up to your taste.

The ideas I’ve shared in this post are by no means final. For what it’s worth, they’re just a starting point to making your Apple Watch look classy – and probably even more expensive than it actually is. 

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