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Why is My Fitbit Not Syncing? (6 Problems and Quick Fixes)


Are you looking at your account but can’t find your recent and health and fitness data? There’s a chance your tracker and account are not on sync. But why is your Fitbit not syncing in the first place and how can you get it to do that again?

Your Fitbit won’t sync because the Bluetooth connection is off, the app and firmware are out of date, or there’s a problem with Wifi. All-day Sync setting may be off or the device may have run out of battery. Your Fitbit may also have jammed up and therefore require a restart or complete reset.

Your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker might be failing to connect with your phone for one or many of these reasons.

In this guide, I’ll address all the possible reasons why a Fitbit may not synchronize and give you the best quick fix to get your device connecting properly again.

6 Reasons Why Your Fitbit Won’t Sync (Plus Fixes)

Your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker has to be in harmony with the app for you to get the most out of what Fitbit has to offer. Without being in synchronization, you can’t see your overall progress and you won’t access valuable data.

So if your device stopped syncing all of a sudden or your phone can’t find the tracker or smartwatch at all, it could be for any of the following reasons.

  Fitbit Not SyncingQuick Fix
1Bluetooth connection turned offTurn ON the Bluetooth and try reconnecting your device to the app again.
2Fitbit servers are downYou don’t have to do anything. Just wait for Fitbit to fix the server problem.
3Your Fitbit is connected to multiple devicesHave your Fitbit connected only to one device. Force quit the app on other devices.
4Fitbit app and device are not up to dateGo to your profile, check for updates, and install latest firmware and app version to fix sync issues
5Wifi connection interfering with FitbitYou can turn off Wifi connection if you think it’s interfering with Bluetooth
6Fitbit battery doesn’t have enough chargeMove your tracker closer to the phone to extend battery life and enhance stable connection

Note that these fixes apply to nearly all the Fitbit models, from Versa 3, Charge 5, Sense, Versa 2, Luxe, and Charge 3.

1. The Bluetooth Connection on Your Phone is Off

The Fitbit app relies on the Bluetooth technology to connect and stay in sync with its fitness trackers and smartwatches. And this must be in the ON state if you want the entire ecosystem to work as intended.  

So if your Fitbit isn’t synchronizing, it’s because you’ve turned the Bluetooth technology off. And that makes it impossible for the app to find your tracker or smartwatch. 

Interestingly, the Bluetooth problem is so easy to notice that you really don’t have to overthink this.

Tap on the Today tab in the Fitbit app. If Bluetooth is off, a popup will appear, notifying you that the pairing wasn’t successful.

You can fix this issue by: 

  • Turn the Bluetooth ON
  • Make sure your phone and Fitbit device is within range

Make sure the distance between your phone and your Fitbit device is no more than 5 meters. And remember that a closer range of 2 meters will give you the best results possible.

2. Fitbit Servers May Be Down

Sometimes your Fitbit device won’t sync with your smartphone because there’s a problem with the Fitbit servers. 

I understand how frustrating a problem of this kind can be, only that you can’t do anything about other than to wait for Fitbit to fix the error from their end.

It’s best to wait a few minutes to retry connecting your device later, as Fitbit is always working to make sure that its servers are up and running.

Also, Fitbit has a helpful community where you can post such an issue. And, more often than not, the issue is likely to draw immediate attention from the moderators.

I should state that Fitbit servers will hardly ever go down. And in the rare case that it happens, the team at the company moves swiftly to make sure that all services operate optimally. 

3. You Have the App Connected to Multiple Devices

It’s easy to connect Fitbit to multiple devices, but there’s also the likelihood of running into syncing problem if you do so.

Linking the same device to multiple devices, say to an Android phone and an iPad, might work well for one person and fail for another altogether.

The best thing to do if using more than one device doesn’t connect well with your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch is to switch back to using just one device.


  • Choose which device you would like to run the app on
  • Unlink your device from other devices
  • Delete the app from those devices

Now try to reconnect the Fitbit to the one smartphone you’d like to sync to. The app should now find your device and make is easier for you to establish a connection.

4. The Firmware and Mobile App Aren’t Up to Date

Sometimes your Fitbit device will not sync because the firmware and the mobile app are no longer up to date.

Fitbit updates are significant for a reason.

In addition to fixing bugs to improve the overall performance of your device and apps, the updates give you access to new features while enhancing security.

So if you notice that your Fitbit syncs and then disconnects or you noticed that it stopped syncing and won’t connect at all, take a minute to update the app and the device’s firmware.

Updating the firmware and installing the latest version of the app should fix the inability to connect and sync data.

To check for the latest updates:

  • Login to your Fitbit account
  • Tap on Today
  • Tap your profile picture

It’s here that you’ll see whether Fitbit has released new updates for the firmware and for the mobile app.  

5. Wifi Connection Might Cause Fitbit Not to Sync

Wifi and Bluetooth are two separate entities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t conflict with each other.

So if you have both Wifi and Bluetooth turned on, and you notice that your phone can’t find the Fitbit device anymore, there’s high chance your wireless internet might be causing interference.

All you have to do is turn off your Wifi. Then, try reconnecting your device to the app and see if turning off the Wifi fixes the problem.

6. Your Fitbit Battery Doesn’t Have Enough Charge

I have a very simple rule when it comes to wearables:

If my device isn’t fully charged, I’m not taking it anywhere with me. After all, a fitness tracker or smartwatch less than halfway full is as good as dead already.

That brings me to the next point.

If you notice that your Fitbit battery is draining fast, it’s likely the reason why you’re having a synchronization issue.


  • Your Fitbit device can only link to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • The distance between the tracker or smartwatch determine the battery runtime

In other words:

You need to have the Bluetooth always on if you wish to use your Fitbit device nonstop to check your stats. Also, make sure your device is closer to your smartphone so its battery doesn’t drain fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do I Have to Keep Syncing My Fitbit?

You have to keep syncing your Fitbit device because either the device’s battery is low or the wireless signals are out of range. 

It’s important to charge your Fitbit’s battery to 100% level and that the distance between your smartphone and the watch or tracker is no more than 5 meters.

2. How Can I Get My Fitbit to Sync Again?

You can get your Fitbit to sync again by:

  • Force quitting the Fitbit app
  • Turning the Bluetooth OFF and ON again
  • Opening the app and reconnecting your device to the app.

If your app still can’t find the tracker, restart your phone as well as the Fitbit device and try linking the two again.

3. What Should I Do If Fitbit Won’t Connect to Bluetooth?

If your Fitbit device won’t connect to Bluetooth:

  • Force quit the app on Android or iOS depending on your phone’s type
  • Turn off the Bluetooth
  • Restart your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone
  • Open the app and try to connect the Fitbit device again

Assuming your phone has the latest version of the app and your device’s firmware is up to date, your Fitbit should connect to your phone without a problem. 

Final Thoughts

The link between your Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker and the Fitbit app must remain in sync for you to get the most out of your purchase and subscription.

Remember, if your Fitbit isn’t in sync, your personal dashboard won’t update and you won’t see all your everyday stats on the app. 

So if your phone can’t find your Fitbit during the initial setup or you noticed that it stopped syncing all of a sudden, consider using this guide to help you fix the problem.

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