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Is Fitbit Waterproof For Swimming And Shower? (Answered!)


Fitbit is the smartwatch and fitness tracker brand that beats the competition down to dust. From tracking all day activities to processing wrist payments to everything in between, a Fitbit device can do a lot for you. But is Fitbit waterproof?

Fitbit models aren’t 100% waterproof. But they have a water-resistant rating of up to 5ATM. Models such as Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Charge 5, and Versa Lite can not only bar sweat and splashes but also go in the pool for swim tracking to a depth of up to 50 meters.

If you were to rate the worthiness of fitness trackers and smartwatches based on their water resistance, I’m confident you’d find a Fitbit device just as appealing. 

Can Fitbit Track Swimming?

Fitbit has optimized its devices to track swim workouts, allowing anyone who loves to hit the pool to track their metrics and see their performance.

The band use the SmartTrack technology to detect and log swimming workouts, so you don’t necessarily have to do manual logging.

Except for the defunct Fitbit One and the Ace series, Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers let you track your swim lengths, pace, distance, and duration.

The ability to automatically detect and track swimming makes a Fitbit device one of the top smart wearable in its niche.

Add to this the ability to use the app to start and stop swim workouts if you want to, and what you get is a full package that makes workouts in the water just as fun.

I should make it clear that two things will happen if you decide to swim with your Fitbit device:

  • The built-in lock activates to keep the buttons on your smartwatch or fitness tracker from activating. 
  • Heart rate deactivates. Your Fitbit can’t track heart rate in swim mode because refractions from water block the optical sensor from detecting pulse readings.

Some devices let you view your swim stats right from your wrist.

For complete swim workout stats:

  • Open the Fitbit app.
  • Tap on exercise tile.
  • Access your recent swim data.

Best Waterproof Fitbit for Swimming

One of the things that’s clear about Fitbit as a brand is that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned as far as building some of the best fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Just take a deep dive into the Fitbit product timeline if you can and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

And if you seriously need a device that can get in the water and track your swim stats, you can get a Fitbit with the confidence that it’s the right smart band for you. 

In that respect, the following table includes examples of the best waterproof Fitbits for swimming: 

Fitbit Sense Fitbit Charge 5Fitbit Luxe  Fitbit Versa 3
 fitbit sense fitbit charge 5 fitbit luxe fitbit versa 3
5 ATM water resistance rating5 ATM water resistance rating5 ATM water resistance rating5 ATM water resistance rating
Built-in GPS system20 exercise modes for personalized workoutsSupports sleep tracking and shows sleep score in appIntegrates with Spotify to play music from your wrist  
Skin temperature sensorHeart rate sensor and active zone minutes for workout intensityUses heart rate to track and estimate calories burnedTracks sleep in stages and gives a sleep score for in-depth analysis.
6+ days battery life in smartwatch modeBuilt-in GPS for outdoor workout trackingUses connected GPS for pace and distance tracking6+ days battery life and compatible with Amazon Alexa
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Is Fitbit Sense Waterproof?

Fitbit Sense become a holy grail in its space the moment it hit the market, and it has had a positive reputation ever since it debuted.

Speaking of weather it’s waterproof or otherwise, the Fitbit Sense is water-resistant with a rating of 5 ATM.

I particularly love the GPS built into the model’s hardware framework.

Combined with the SmartTrack technology, this Fitbit can track cycling and give you the stats that can motivate you to get more rides done, even when you bike in rainy weather.

While Sense can withstand water to a depth of 50 meters, it’s not a perfect band for diving. So if you’re a scuba diver who wants a smartwatch that can stand up to the impact of force, look elsewhere.

Is Fitbit Inspire Waterproof?

Fitbit has four models in the Inspire series, and they’re as follows:

  • Inspire
  • Inspire HR
  • Inspire 2
  • Inspire 3

Inspire and Inspire HR are not water-resistant. If you get in the swimming pool with any of these two devices, you’re going to come out with a dead device that won’t start up again.

On the other hand, the Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 are water-resistant to 50 meters. And that means they can survive in a swimming pool as deep as 164 feet.

For the Inspire 2 and 3, the Fitbit water lock feature will turn on automatically in the Exercise app as soon as you start to swim to keep pressure from initiating accidental presses.

Are Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Versa 3 and Versa 4 Waterproof?

All the Fitbits in the Versa series are waterproof up to 50 meters.

Iconic in design and suitable for men and women alike, with the ability to stand up to water pressure to a great depth, the Versa collection can go up to 164 feet deep in the water and keep going for months.

But there’s a warning.

While these devices can give you the feel good factor in the swimming pool, they are useless for deep-sea diving.

Is Fitbit Charge, Charge 2, Charge 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5 Waterproof?

The Fitbit Charge series is a category that continues to receive updates, with each new model being better than the previous.

To begin with, the original Fitbit Charge has a water-resistant rating of 1 ATM. Such a device can only stand up to sweat, light rains, and splashes. Bring it to the swimming pool and it dies on the first jump in water.

Fitbit Charge 2, Charge 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5 are waterproof up to 50 meters. Given the depth to which they can stand when submerged in water, it’s safe to use any of these for swimming.

The Charge series are also a good example of Fitbits you can wear in the shower.

You must be careful not to expose your Fitbit Charge to corrosives such as soaps, conditioners, and shampoos. While such detergents have their value, they can significantly diminish the water resistance of your Fitbit device.

Is the Fitbit Ace Waterproof?

The Fitbit Ace series hasn’t seen updates in months, but the models in the category are quite a thing if you’re looking for a kid-friendly Fitbit.

The brand revamped the original Ace into Ace 2 and Ace 3. And these upgrades are the most popular picks for youngsters.

As you would expect, these upgrades aren’t waterproof. Like the other series in this guide, Fitbit Ace 2 and Ace 3 are water resistant up to 50 meters.

For the boys and girls that love to hit the pool, the Ace series is not a doubt a big deal.

Can I Wear Fitbit Flex in the Pool?

Like the original Fitbit Charge, the Flex model has a water-resistant rating of 1 ATM. Given such a rating, the device can only withstand light rains, splashes, and sweat.

Flex isn’t a Fitbit model to bring to the pool. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Fitbit Get Wet?  

You can get a Fitbit wet provided it has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM. Such a device can stand up to a water pressure of 50 meters deep, meaning that it can stand up to 164 feet of pressure.

To be abundantly clear, Fitbit conducts the water resistance tests in a simulated environment. And while such tests aren’t as reliable as real-life testing, they make a huge difference.

But there’s a warning.

You shouldn’t keep using a wet Fitbit continuously simply because it has a waterproof rating. 

It’s a good practice to dry your Fitbit first. That way, the device can last many more swimming sessions before you ever have to think about replacements.

2. Can You Wear Fitbit in the Shower?

The current Fitbit models have a water-resistance rating between 1 ATM and 5 ATM. That means you can wear them in the shower and never have to worry about water damages.

For example, Fitbit Luxe, Charge 5, Ace 3, and Versa 3 have been subject to water-resistance test. And Fitbit confirms that they can stand up to moist conditions quite well.

The last thing you want is a fitness tracker or smartwatch that will irritate your skin. So it’s important that you dry your Fitbit after taking a shower with it.

3. What Should I Do If My Fitbit Gets Wet?

The best way to handle a wet Fitbit is to take it off from your wrist and wipe it dry.

I understand that a majority of Fitbit devices are water-resistant up to 50 meters. But you don’t want to leave traces of water on the device after a swim workout.

It’s good practice to dry the device so that it can service you for longer. The last thing you want to do is to get a new device to replace a dead Fitbit too soon.

And if you ever expose your tracker or smartwatch to any other liquid but fresh water, ensure you clean the Fitbit with a soap-free cleanser and fresh water.  

Final Thoughts

Fitbit has done its best to make most of its devices water-friendly.  

And while there isn’t a truly waterproof model in its series, what you get for the price is a device that can stand up to the depth of even the deepest swimming pool in the world.

To be clear, Fitbit doesn’t share the IP rating of any of its smartwatches or fitness band. But they do make it abundantly clear if the model you wish to buy can stand up to submersion in water.

Keep in mind that you can’t swim with a Fitbit that includes leather bands because the material deteriorates quite fast when exposed to too much moisture.

And given that Fitbit’s warranty doesn’t protect water-damaged devices, you must first check if the device is water-resistant enough for use in damp conditions.

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  1. These Fitbit watches are crap and fail after getting wet in the shower or pool. It’s very frustrating to pay $150-200 bucks only to have the watch fail after a short period of time getting wet. This product sucks because water resistant means do not get it wet – or it will fail. Water proof means it will continue to function after being submerged in water. It’s hard to find a waterproof fitness watch – I don’t think Fitbit knows how to manufacture one. I’ve had 2 fitbit watches fail just after the 1 year terrible warranty due to showering or swimming in a pool. Not happy.

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